UPDATE: SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA GROCERY STRIKE AVERTED, WORKERS APPROVE DEAL; Agreement protects health care, pension, with moderate wage increases

THANK YOU Southern California shoppers & supporters!

Corporations that own our grocery stores are hugely profitable
Last year alone, the corporations that own Ralphs, VONS, and Albertsons made over $3 billion in profits! They were so successful that they paid out more than $500 million in dividends to Wall Street.

Corporations want workers to take steep cuts to benefits and compensation
Now corporations want grocery store employees to pay as much as $11,000 more a year in health care costs. That would cut some workers pay by as much as 50%.

Stand with your neighborhood grocery workers against the greedy corporations
We’re sending a message to the corporations that if you work hard to serve your customers, then that job should pay fair wages and health care that allow you to support your family. It’s just wrong for these grocery companies, which are making billions in profits, to drive into poverty the very workers who serve these companies and the tens of millions of Southern California supermarket customers. We are sending a message on behalf of every American who works for a living: if you work hard, you should earn a fair wage and decent health care.

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